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Edinburgh Stag Ideas

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Edinburgh is not just a beautiful city filled with English loving Scots, it is also a cracking night out with a wonderful collection of wacky and adrenalin filled stag activities. It is also a busy wee place where hotels book up fast and getting everything organised is something of a pain in the arse, which is why we are here.

White Water Rafting, Duckies, Cliff Jumping, Canyoning, Bridge Swinging are just a few of the mad activities you can take part in.

For the night time lovers out there, there is a vast range of bars and clubs to suit anybody's mood. Some grand lap dancing clubs are also located in Edinburgh, Scots may be Presbyterians but they like nothing better than a good lap dancing club. It's not for nothing that most Labour ministers come from Scotland and the crazy colonel himself (Blair) was educated here.

While pillow fights aren't exactly common on stag do's, we try not to judge! So many things to do in and around the city that it is just perfect as the location for a stag do.

Edinburgh is easy to get to, safe and relaxed with visitors from all over the world. Because it is small, you can get tanked and still walk home to your hotel without any problem. Try that in London or Birmingham

Don't bring your car or if you do make sure you park it in the right place as Edinburgh traffic wardens are more lethal than ebola virus: it is not for nothing they are called the yellow meanies. There are also quite a few activities close to the center of Edinburgh Like Paintball, Quad Biking and Go Karting. 

A Quick Word on Your Edinburgh Stag Accommodation

Edinburgh can get pretty busy in certain weekends and also during Festival times. In fact, it is a super popular citybreak destination so weekends can be tough for certain types of accommodation. If you are travelling on the cheap, then hostels should be easy with the caveat that the really nice Edinburgh hostels are more popular than the more out of the way ones, but three star quality hotels can be more tricky as they fill up with tourists from the Ruhr

Enjoy with probably one of  the best weekends in the country - Edinburgh stag weekends .

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