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Rage Buggies Near Edinburgh

Daft little blighters like NEDS on Acid. Overpowered, overscary and perfect for a party event. North of Forth near Dunfermline.

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Dont get mad - get Rag-ing!!!!!

Your session begins with you signing in at Reception - a disclaimer is required before you drive.

You then head to the kit room to get your helmet goggles and gloves (waterproofs if its wet)

A safety briefing will be given along with instruction on how to operate the controls. He will share some tips on braking and out to get the best from the Rage Buggies slip diff.

Your group will get split into race groups and you then head off for some practice. Most of the time there will be 2 buggies on the track at any one time. After each race heat you will be given your lap times so you can see who is doing best. Don't worry if your slow as all times are scrapped and everyone goes into the final - Game on!!!!!

  • Please allow up to approx 1 and half hours depending on your group size.
  • The Rage Buggy course is specifically designed for the 670cc engines to race.
  • You will race against each other in heats and after each heat you will given your lap times.
  • Top 3 drivers get onto the podium.
  • There is a pub very close by where you can go afterwards for some food and a beer or two!!!
  • Please be aware that you will not be allowed to drive if the instructors feel you are under the influence of alcohol.
  • Dont worry if your slow all times get scrapped and everyone is once again an equal for the Final. Will the leaders spin off under the pressure!!!!!!


Once you have signed a disclaimer you will head to the kit room helmets gloves goggles and waterproofs (if its wet) will be handed out and the instructors will give you a safety briefing followed by some tips on how to control these amazing machines.


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All Necessary Equipment

Minimum Age : 18

Activity Location

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