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Aberfeldy Hen Weekends

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Why Aberfeldy Is A Good Choice For A Hen Weekend

With a highland place like Aberfeldy, you ladies know that you are in store for a wild and crazy hen weekend filled with some amazing outdoor activities. This is one of the most picturesque parts of Scotland and you will really be making memories that will last a life time. While the day time fun here is off the charts. For a hen night its worth pointing out you will have to take a short drive to places like Perth or Dundee for a wild hen night.

As an outdoors type place the touristy aspect of Aberfeldy is mainly all about going for nice walks and really experiencing the best of the Scottish country side. If this is your idea of a good time then I highly recommend a pleasant walk around Cluny House Gardens.

How To Have A Great Hen Night

While you do not come to Aberfeldy for the nightlife. There are still a few things (not to mention more than a few pubs) for you ladies to do.

Birks Cinema

A cinema on a hen night? Well hear me out before you dismiss this awesome little place. You see The Birks Cinema is more than just a regular cinema. They do not play the latest blockbusters here. It’s a small intimate venue that plays older movies in special screenings. For example as I am writing this they are having a special screening of Back To The Future. Movies are not the only thing on show here either as it’s also used as a live entertainment venue as well.

Male Stripper Or Butler!

You may think that as you are having your hen weekend in the highlands that you have no chance at all of getting a wee bit of sexiness to happen during your night. Well you have two fantastic and horny options here. You can hire either a butler in the buff or a male stripper. A butler in the buff is a well-toned, hot looking guy who will wait on you ladies all night……. In next to nothing! And if you want a classic you can just hire a good old fashioned male stripper to come and put a smile on the brides face!

Ice Factory (Perth)

When having a hen weekend in Aberfeldy if you want to go to a club then you will have to travel. But Perth is under an hour away and their famous Ice Factory Nightclub has been entertaining hen parties for over 20 years! This is just a really cool and fun club and its perfect after a long day of enjoying the outdoors. There are different areas in here ranging from a big party area to a more quiet and laid back VIP area.

The Best Day Time Activities In Aberfeldy

This is what a hen weekend here is all about! I have for you ladies here some of the most awesome day time activities that this part of Scotland has to offer!

Highland Safari

Who the heck needs to go to Africa for a safari when you can go on a laugh a minute, Highland Safari? This is really cool and you will be taken on a very informative safari where you will get to see what Scotland is all about. You may even get to see some wildlife! As informative and “educational” as this is the guys here know you are a hen group and will go above and beyond to make sure you are having a right good laugh! It’s also a wee bit of a roller coaster ride as these guys will take the Land Rovers into some pretty crazy terrain!


Archery is a really popular activity with hen groups and a round of archery here is made even more special thanks to the amazing backdrop of the Scottish highlands! Archery is great as it’s the kind of sport that gets you out in the fresh air, but at the same time it’s not going to get you all filthy and wet (but out other activities will so do not worry) you will be with an experienced instructor who will teach you how to shoot and then you can see who has the skills to give Robin Hood a run for his money!

White Water Rafting

For a real outdoors adventure that well and truly gets your blood pumping. Then I highly recommend an hour or two (or even more!) of White Water Rafting! This is a great activity and one where you ladies will all have to work together to make your way down the rapids. Your guide will make sure you all know what you are doing and you will all be wearing the best of the best when it comes to safety gear. This is rough and tough, but it’s also the kind of thing that makes your hen weekend very memorable.

Highland Spa Day

Even if you have just done one of those activities above, you ladies will be well and truly knackered. So I thought for my last recommended activity. I would suggest something more laid back and that is a sumptous spa day. They offer a number of services here ranging from a number of different massage options to facials and beauty treatments as well. This is just the perfect way to relax and get your energy back after a hard day…….. and be ready for your hen night! If there is one place where you will feel like you have earned a nice relaxing day in a spa its Aberfeldy!

Eating & Shopping In Aberfeldy

One place that is right on the Aberfeldy high street is the Cafe D'Amour. Which is a fantastic wee café & bistro that offers a nice place to grab a bite to eat at lunch time, a nice slice of cake and one other thing that I love about this place is that they are open in the evenings so you can have a proper meal here as well. A day in Aberfeldy can be really tiring so if you need a sit down, a great cup of coffee and a  sweet treat then head over to the Habitat Cafe.

Aberfeldy has a high street. Bu to be honest if serious shopping is what you are after then it will not be for you. It’s more of an old timey, village type shopping experience here. Perth is under an hour away and as well as a large high street they have the indoor St Johns Shopping Centre that has many of your favourite stores such as Primark.

How Easy Is It To Get Here?

Well I am very happy to tell you ladies that, Aberfeldy is not hard at all to get to. The A9 will all get you here very directly and without any issues. As Aberfeldy is a fairly remote area I would highly recommend that you come here in a car. You can however use public transport if you wish as it is available.